Posted: November 13, 2010 by Josh bd in guide

How too use UDID faker on ios4 any 4.+ firmware first you will need too download UDID faker from Cydia and Ifile once you have downloaded both of these apps go too UDID faker and the first app you see click it and then click random UDID and then exit and go too iflie let’s say you are trying too make a new account on imob ok Soo u need too go too the app in iflie var/mobile/applications there will be all your apps u have downloaded find imob let’s say it’s imob 10 go too imob 10 click library/preference there you will see a file that says com.admired.imobrespect1.plist you need too copy that files name click blue arrow and copy the whole name except for The end .plist because it will not work with .plist Soo now you have the game preference now you need too find the UDID faker preference click the home icon on Ifile go too library/preference/com.admired.ReillyUDIDfake.plist that’s the preference of the app now enter the file you will see the app u first random UDID let’s says it’s the AppStore it will say com.admired.AppStore now u need too erase the com.admired.AppStore with the imob preference com.admired.imobrespect1 right in the middle of the keys Soo it will look like this com.admired.imobrespect1 just like that then you will see a udid at the bottom like this udid would be in the middle of this string Soo you just replace the UDID with what UDID u want then press save and then exit Ifile respring and done. This guide was made by Josh/bigdady

  1. Ruthlessybx says:

    How do I use someone elses udid with udid faker. I’m wanting to dat hack there app

  2. BigBill says:

    So does this mean udid faker will not crash on ios 4 now? All previous attempts to use it have resulted in it crashing

  3. jan says:

    I have made the edits, just what is going to happen now. I have resprung and gone to app store and it will not let me download another instance of the app, app store still knows world war app is installed.


    • Josh bd says:

      You need too copy the file in Var/mobile/applications and paste it in Var/stash/application and rename .app too then go too info.plist and edit the bundle identifier too 02 save Respring done

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